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Chirk Youth Under 10s Kick Off Season with Archwood Group's Support

Archwood Group, a leading manufacturer of timber products, has announced its latest sponsorship venture with Chirk Youth Under 10s football team. As a company deeply committed to community engagement and supporting local initiatives, the group has proudly donated team kits for the upcoming 2023/24 season. Based in Chirk, North Wales, Archwood Group is a family-owned, professionally run company and a prominent manufacturer of timber products, encompassing two well-known trading brands: Richard Burbidge and Atkinson & Kirby. The business has recently sponsored the local youth football team to provide new kits ready to kick off the season and reinforce the group’s community engagement. Youth clubs and Grassroots football play a vital role in helping young people build confidence, stay healthy, cultivate lifelong friendships, and learn the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. Archwood Group recognises the importance of investing in such initiatives that promote the well-being and development of the youth in local communities. Expressing his enthusiasm, Jay James, Team Manager at Chirk Youth FC, comments: "We are incredibly thankful to Archwood Group for their support. Their donation of team kits is a tremendous boost for our young players, and it reinforces our sense of belonging to the local community. With their backing, we look forward to a successful and enjoyable season." Archwood Group also serves as a sponsor for Chirk AAA FC, actively supporting the club's daily operations and facility maintenance. Chirk AAA FC holds a special place in the hearts of its supporters, and Archwood Group is proud to stand alongside them. Josh Burbidge, Managing Director of Archwood Group, comments “At Archwood, we believe in supporting initiatives that bring people together and promote well-being in our community. We are proud to partner with local organisations and invest in projects that have a positive impact on the lives of our neighbours. Our commitment to community engagement extends beyond our business operations, and we are thrilled to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organisations who share our values.” Archwood Group wishes Chirk Youth Under 10s every success for the upcoming season and remains committed to strengthening its ties with the local community through continued support for initiatives that make a positive impact.  

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We're here to help!

When it comes to providing technical support to our consumers, installers and trade merchants, we are always here to help at Richard Burbidge… As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of stairparts and mouldings, we pride ourselves on our outstanding quality, customer satisfaction and consistently excellent service. Whether you’re looking for assistance putting together a parts list, deciding the most cost-effective route to take or help with fitting instructions, we’re always keen to get involved in every step of the process. Technical support We want all of our potential clients and customers to feel confident in our products and the knowledge we provide, as well as the Building Regulations which apply to them, which is why we offer a free technical support service – at any stage of a project! To speak to a member of our technical team, you can contact us via at or call our dedicated technical line: 01691 678212. Here, you will put in contact with the likes of Kris Roberts, one of our Technical Sales Executives, who works within the Joinery/Technical department. Kris is able to provide quick and efficient expert advice, whether that be to make an installers life that little bit easier or by offering some general assistance to project ‘DIY-ers’. Design Consultations Here at Richard Burbidge, we also offer free design consultations to all potential customers. All we require is a few photos of the stairs you’re looking to update or install, the lengths you want to cover, as well as the range you’re interested in. We can then take it from there or even offer you design options if you’re still undecided. To book a design consultation today for your latest project, please visit here: Brochures You can also download a free brochure here to browse all of our latest ranges and products:  The brochure will help you identify all the parts you need for your project, whether that be for decking accessories, decorative mouldings or stairparts. To view Richard Burbidge’s full collection, please visit:   Transforming your space…    

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The Benefits of Our Online Ordering Platform

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is paramount, especially for seasoned professionals. That's why Richard Burbidge understands the importance of a streamlined and efficient ordering process, saving you valuable time and effort. Embracing the digital age, we are proud to offer an exceptional online ordering system. With our user-friendly online ordering platform, you have the freedom to place orders at your convenience, unrestricted by business hours. Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, our online system empowers you to make purchases with just a few clicks, anytime and from anywhere. From Stairparts, Decking, and Decorative Mouldings, our comprehensive selection ensures that you can find everything you need for your project. One of the most frustrating aspects of ordering products is discovering that what you need is out of stock. Rest assured, our online ordering system provides real-time visibility into stock levels, enabling you to make informed decisions about your purchases. Our new online account feature eliminates the hassle of entering your card details with every order. Instead, we offer personalised quotes and payment options tailored to your preferences. This streamlined process saves you time and ensures a hassle-free checkout experience. By registering for an online account with Richard Burbidge, you gain access to a wealth of features that streamline your ordering process and save you time. Enjoy real-time visibility into trade prices and stock levels and place orders for delivery at your convenience. Additionally, you can easily keep track of your entire order history for quick reference, simplifying the reordering process. Ready to get started? Register today: To view Richard Burbidge’s full collection, please visit:   Transforming your space…

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Q&A: Kris Roberts

Kris Roberts is a Technical Sales Executive at Archwood Group who originally joined the Joinery/Technical department for Richard Burbidge 16 years ago. We spoke to Kris to discuss all things from day-to-day tasks, client relations and the latest Richard Burbidge products. What is your current day-to-day role/responsibilities in the joinery team?  I help consumers and trade merchants who are interested in our ranges, assisting with parts lists, technical advice and fitting instructions etc. I also provide product training to new starters and our key customers, offering help with fitting instructions and photos for the website. I also get involved with the odd trade day! How does your team offer support to potential clients and customers? We want them to feel confident in our knowledge and our products, as well as the Building Regulations that apply to them. This is a free service and we’re there to help throughout any stage of a project. How do you develop and improve sales prospects? For me, it is all about supplying the right information in the right format. Confidence in the product ensures a seamless purchasing journey, ensuring the item sells itself with a great journey, the product sells itself and we give peace of mind. How do you help make life easy for installers? Installers are very busy, but we understand this and develop trusted relationships that mean they can send a quick email or drop us a call and we’ll know what they need to complete the project. Offering the correct advice and maintaining a helpful attitude goes a long way. What’s the most impressive project you have been involved in?  Wow, there’s been so many. Whilst we’ve worked on some great high-end projects over the years, but sometimes a simple revamp on a date hallway that’s been revitalised without too much expense is just as impressive an outcome. It’s always really nice to get happy feedback from customers too and see how happy any ‘DIYers’ are with their completed projects. Can you provide some information on the benefits of some of the new Richard Burbidge products? The new Elements Inset Glass range offers really sleek lines in either a natural oak or pine finish. The pine option also allows for you paint the stairparts to suit your taste, grey and black are especially on trend right now! The range was developed to provide an easy-top-fit system that looks modern and high quality, and we’re seeing great sales results already! Some of our other recent launches include the addition of our new metal caps, wall brackets and added finishing touches available for our black Elements balusters. Our new shadow caps are on trend and allow you to use an existing post, allowing for quick and easy staircase transformations. Our new cladding kits are also set to be a big seller, as we’ve found that many people don’t want the expense of removing old posts but want a new look and here it is, I’ve had some fabulous before and afters with this kit already! How to find out more?   We offer free design consultations to all potential customers. All we need is a few photos sent across of the current stairs and the lengths you want to cover, as well as your choice of range and we’ll do the rest. If you aren’t sure what you want or need, we’re also happy to offer options. The easiest way to access this is via our website here: You can also contact us via at or call our dedicated technical line: 01691 678212.

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Q&A Zoe Goff

Zoe Goff is Product Manager for the Richard Burbidge portfolio whose career started over 16 years ago. Initially joining the company as Product Manager of Stairparts, Zoe returned to the business following a short career break and has since been developing a bank of product ideas for the brand’s portfolio. What is your current day-to-day role/responsibilities? What I love about working for a small company is that I get to be involved in a wide array of projects and day-to-day management of the Richard Burbidge portfolio.  Overall, I look after Stairparts, Outdoor, Mouldings and DIY timber products. I also work on pricing for all the products for our customer base and their entire life cycle, from development to launch and their ongoing management. I look after how each product is made i.e., their specification, production drawings, packaging requirements, how they are sold and who to. Can you provide some insight on some of the new products at Richard Burbidge for 2023? Our re-newel cladding was launched this year and is growing in success each week.  Existing newels can be structurally difficult to remove in an existing staircase, so coming up with a newel cladding product that gives fresh clean lines to an existing newel is the perfect solution. What we are aiming to do is to ensure that all products are easier and timesaving when it comes to installation. With the economy under pressure and people in the UK having less disposable income, we have also been expanding the number of products which are at a lower price point – this includes introducing an off-the-shelf fully tested glass stairparts range in pine. Ideal for painting and a much lower price than oak, the use of pine is perfect for achieving specific trends within the home. It’s also manufactured on-site at our factory in Chirk, North Wales. The new fully tested glass stairparts system also has fewer components than ever, which makes the system easier to fit, saves time for the installer and makes the basket price more affordable in the current economic climate. However, our research has always shown that the end user is pleasantly surprised about the price of a staircase refurbishment. My favourite addition to the range is the Elements Shadow newel cap. The trend of streamlined newels has continued, and this addition to the range has meant that we can offer the illusion of a newel without a cap with just the perfect amount of detail. How does sustainability factor in the new collections? As part of our Race to Zero, where we aim to achieve Net Zero by no later than 2050, sustainability is at the forefront of all of our new collections and business initiatives. We have recently increased production in our factory in Chirk, North Wales which widely reduces the number of miles our timber travels, reducing carbon emissions from our transportation. All of our timber is FSC approved too, ensuring it is sustainably sourced and an eco-friendly option for customers. We’re also constantly improving our packaging and removing as much plastic as possible - and where we do need a little, we always ensure it is recycled. The new collections at Richard Burbidge are no different. Is there anything else in the pipeline for Richard Burbidge in terms of product launches? The great thing about my role, especially with Stairparts, is that the majority of the products we launch are at some time or another through my role – so I have in-depth knowledge of every Stairparts product. Although, I do lean on the Joinery and Technical manager, Leigh Sperring, for his technical whizzy brain. However, I feel it is my responsibility to help each and every product grow and maximise its potential. We have some very exciting new developments coming up at Richard Burbidge, so watch this space to see what comes next.  

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Archwood Group Proudly Sponsors the Dee Valley Dragons Netball Team

Archwood Group, is excited to announce its sponsorship of the Dee Valley Dragons Netball Team, furthering its commitment to creating a positive impact in the local community. Based in Llangollen, North Wales, the Dragons are set to flourish with the support of Archwood Group, contributing to their growth and development.  Archwood Group, a family-owned and professionally run company, is a leading manufacturer of timber products, encompassing two well-known trading brands: Richard Burbidge and Atkinson & Kirby. By aligning itself with the values of the Dee Valley Dragons Netball Team, Archwood Group reinforces its dedication to quality and community engagement. Established in July 2021 by a group of passionate local residents, the Dee Valley Dragons Netball Team is a new community-based initiative aiming to provide accessible netball opportunities for players of all ages and skill levels. Under the guidance of club chair Becky Roberts, the Dragons train and host friendly matches on Wednesday evenings at the Llangollen Leisure Centre. As the most popular women's team sport, netball continues to experience significant growth, and the Dee Valley Dragons Netball Team is determined to play an active role in expanding its reach. The club has established strong ties with Ysgol Dinas Bran, the local high school, to encourage younger players to join and develop their skills. Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Archwood Group, the Dragons have been able to invest in essential netball equipment and purchase training jackets. Expressing her enthusiasm, club chair Becky Roberts stated: "We are fully committed to offering flexible and accessible netball opportunities to our local community, be it in social games or competitive league matches. Our invaluable partnership with Dinas Bran and the Llangollen Leisure Centre has been instrumental in our journey, and we eagerly anticipate the future development of our club." The club's committee, comprised of five founding members, shares a deep-rooted passion for netball. Despite not having played the sport for an extended period since their school days, they have rediscovered their love for it and formed close-knit friendships through the club. The Dragons have been immensely grateful for the support received from Archwood Group, which has allowed them to bring a diverse group of individuals together, fostering lifelong connections. Josh Burbidge, Managing Director of the Archwood Group said: “At Archwood, we believe in supporting initiatives that bring people together and promote well-being in our community. It's especially meaningful to us because one of our employees, Emily Burgoyne, played a pivotal role in founding the club. We are proud to contribute to their mission of providing accessible netball opportunities and fostering strong friendships within our community." For more information about the Dee Valley Dragons Netball Team and their activities please email:

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