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Richard Burbidge Relocates Head Office

Richard Burbidge, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of stair parts, decking accessories and decorative mouldings has relocated its head office to Chirk, North Wales, joining the company’s existing onsite manufacturing and distribution facility.

As part of the ongoing development of the company, Richard Burbidge has relocated its office headquarters to join its existing manufacturing and distribution facility in Chirk.

The Chirk site forms part of the extensive business history of Richard Burbidge, since it was initially acquired in 1986.

The move will improve both the service and quality of products by having all staff in one location, unifying working relationships between all departments, from marketing to distribution, as well as improving efficiency, customer service and delivery.

Mouldings Grading Facility

Tony Miles, CEO of Richard Burbidge, comments: “The consolidation of all offices to Chirk is a big move and demonstrates just how serious we are about British manufacturing and sustainability.

“We are a family business and above all, excellent quality and customer service are our priority. The move is already proving successful, with a unified workforce, improved communication and efficiency.

“2020 is a big year for the company with increased marketing and production. Richard Burbidge is proving itself as a leading manufacturer of stair parts, decking accessories and decorative mouldings and this year will see further products being stocked in B&Q stores nationwide.”


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How the Pandemic Shifted British Interior Design Choices

2020 has seen a dramatic shift in the way people view their homes. With approximately 24% of professionals now exclusively working from home,* what was once a sanctuary away from the stresses of work has now transformed into the office for many Britons, changing our priorities and design choices. Take a look at some of the ways we think the pandemic has shifted British interior design choices this year... Calming aesthetics As people spend more time at home, the need for more grounding spaces has grown in popularity and this is reflected in some of the key emerging trends in 2020. ‘Cottagecore’ in particular has surged in popularity this year. The quintessentially British aesthetic celebrates the joy of a simple, self-sufficient, rural life, with a return to traditional skills and crafts. The trend also focusses on sustainable living, something that is set to grow as people look to become more environmentally friendly. The wall panelling renaissance Requiring few tools and taking only a matter of hours to install, wall panelling and decorative mouldings have also soared in popularity this year, largely as a result of the ‘zoom boom’. As video calls have become part of daily life for many professionals, homeowners have had to consider how their homes appear in the background of their zoom calls. Compared to wallpaper, wall panelling provides a far more sophisticated appearance on a computer screen and is incredibly versatile, with the ability to make a large room look cosier and a small room more spacious. Buying British With the pandemic having an impact on many local, family businesses, there is also new drive to support and appreciate British manufacturers. According to the British Furniture Manufacturers (BMF) association, more than a third of consumers are more inclined to buy UK-made products than they were before the pandemic. Despite cheap competition from abroad, UK manufacturers have fought off competition by offering consumers individual and personalised products. Eco-conscious consumers For many consumers, the closure of physical shops has provided them with an opportunity to re-evaluate their shopping habits. A study conducted by LiveArea found that over a third of consumers have admitted they are now more eco-conscious than before the pandemic.* When making interior design choices, consumers are now turning to organisations such as the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) to help with their product selection. Setting the strongest available standard for new wood globally, the FSC® guaranteeing that timber has been sourced ethically from well-managed forests. We are proud to be FSC® certified and work with the finest quality British timber to create impeccable products. We strive to minimise our environmental impact and are committed to constructing all of our products sustainably, which is why we have been awarded an ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems certification. Visit our full range of products Sources:    

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The Evolution of Staircases

All fashion and design styles change regularly to keep up with current trends and staircases are no exception. In an era where aesthetics are vital, staircase trends are constantly evolving and contrary to the adage that ‘The Hearth is the Heart of the Home’ it is becoming increasingly common that the staircase is the central design focus in a home. Since the origin of staircases, there are several designs which have stood the test of time, such as spiral staircases and grand bifurcated staircases, which have one main staircase that splits off into two smaller staircases. These designs are featured in some of the most famous buildings in the world, such as the Tulip Stairs in Queen’s House, Greenwich, or the grand staircase in the Titanic. The first staircases ever created were used in castles in order to defend owners from intruders - the innovative spiral design meant that only one person could go up and down the stairs at a time and there wasn’t enough space to fight on the stairs. Since then, stairs have taken on a completely new purpose and although spiral staircases have remained popular, classic staircases with simple shapes and designs, such as a ‘u-turn’ or an ‘l-shape’, made with a variety of materials, such as wood, metal and glass, have become the standard in homes across the world. A very popular current trend is the emergence of glass staircases, such as in the Apple Building in Shanghai. This trend can make even the darkest and smallest hallways and rooms feel light and open. Another exciting trend that incorporates glass elements is the ‘floating’ staircase trend, which combines architectural engineering with intelligent design. Richard Burbidge offers several glass options for your staircase, including the Immix® collection which has sleek gunmetal connectors, plus light and space enhancing glass panels, combined with white oak. An increasingly popular trend is the emergence of mixing old and new styles to create something completely unique. Combining classic shapes and styles with new and diverse materials can transform a staircase completely. An example of this is to create a glass bannister, which lets in light and opens the room up.  When combined with industrial or old-fashioned fixings it can create the perfect mix of traditional yet contemporary. Richard Burbidge collections suitable for this trend, include; Elements® - which combines glass panels with luxurious white oak features and Fusion®, which mixes oak or pine with chrome or brushed nickel features. ‘Scandi’ is a hugely popular trend at the moment, consisting of neutral colours, simplistic styles and natural shapes. This look combined with other neutral-tone and minimalistic furniture add a stylish touch to any home.  Our stylish Immix® collection would be a great choice for this trend. To bring the staircase to the forefront of your home, a unique way of customising a classic staircase is to give it a pop of colour. Both wooden and metal staircases can be painted or coloured a bright and exciting colour to bring some life and excitement to your home. No matter the design, the most integral part of any staircase is the quality of both the materials and the parts. Richard Burbidge is the UK’s leading supplier of stair parts, with over 150 years’ experience manufacturing timber products, you can be confident your Richard Burbidge staircase will be a great investment. For more information, visit our shop page.    

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